Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc

Company:   Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc
Phone:  (403) 998-5505
Address:  308 320 Meredith Rd NE, CalgaryAB T2E 5A6

BBB Member


Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc is dedicated to creating an ambiance as unique as you, your family, your business, or your clients. We specialize in painting and finishing custom new homes and businesses, or existing home or business renovations, developments, and rejuvenations.  We are fully Licensed and Insured including WCB coverage.
For our private clients: Our professionalism, cleanliness, dedication to the highest levels of quality, respect for you and your property, and our insatiable desire to create an aesthetic environment as unique as you are, will leave you content and satisfied that you have been serviced by one of the best in the business.
For our Home Builders, Renovators, and Interior Designers: Respect for you, your tradespeople, construction schedules, and your reputation compels us to exceed your expectations in our professionalism, cleanliness, and dedication to the highest levels of quality. When you hand the keys over to your clients they will know that they have been serviced by one of the best in the business.
The Owners:

As the owners of Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc., we have lived in Calgary, Kelowna, Zambia, Colombia, Paraguay, and now Calgary again.  We have seen, done, and painted just about everything and in a myriad of  environments, all being unique to themselves. 
Your family or your clients are no different.  They are all unique and deserve to live in an environment as unique as they are.
Let our experience work for you.  You will enjoy an Ambiance like no other.

Grant and Angela Macdonald
Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc.
Fully Licensed and Insured including WCB coverage and BBB.

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