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Celtic Coatings Ltd

Company:  Celtic Coatings Ltd.
Painting Services
Phone:  (587) 434-5420
Address: Private Address, CalgaryAB T2H 2H8
BBB Member

Calgary Smart Paint Inc

Company:  Calgary Smart Paint Inc.
Painting Services
Phone:  (403) 880-6841
Address:  Private Address, CalgaryAB T3C 1P6

Built Right Renos

Company:  Built Right Renos
Painting Services
Renovation Services

Phone: (403) 689-8993
Address: Private Address, CalgaryAB T2W 1P1

Brush Brother Painting Ltd

Company:  Brush Brother Painting Ltd.
Painting Services

Phone:  (403) 890-9490
Website: Not Found
Address:  Private Address, CalgaryAB T2Y 4C1

Bignold Painting

Company:  Bignold Painting
Phone:  (403) 999-9883Website: Address: 5 4420 75 Avenue SE, CalgaryAB T2C 2H8


We have been offering a better experience since 2006. We are a Calgary-based commercial and residential painting company that makes our clients the centre of our business. Complete satisfaction is our goal.
We are fully equipped to handle any kind of painting service you will require. Our range of expertise includes painting stucco, siding, decks and fences, semi-transparent stain application (like Sikkens and Flood), interior high-end wood finishing, spray finishing, efficient high-quality wall painting, vinyl wallpaper application, drop-ceilings, stipple ceilings, and more.

Benross Home Services Ltd

Company:  Benross Home Services Ltd.
Phone:  (403) 455-3789
Fax: (403) 455-7257
Address:  228 Prestwick Way SE, CalgaryAB T2Z 3Z5

Artan Painting

Company:  Artan Painting
Phone:  (403) 918-3555
Website: Not Found
Address:  Private Address, CalgaryAB T2E 0E7

Around Painting

Company:  Around Painting
Phone:  (403) 612-0887
Fax: (403) 278-0889
Website: Not Found
Address:  Private Address, CalgaryAB T2J 6R1

Antony Kane Painting & Decorating

Company:  Antony Kane Painting & Decorating
Phone:  (403) 815-0386
Website: Not Found
Address:  PO Box 19537 South Cranston RPO, CalgaryAB T3M 0V4

Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc

Company:   Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc
Phone:  (403) 998-5505
Address:  308 320 Meredith Rd NE, CalgaryAB T2E 5A6

BBB Member


Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc is dedicated to creating an ambiance as unique as you, your family, your business, or your clients. We specialize in painting and finishing custom new homes and businesses, or existing home or business renovations, developments, and rejuvenations.  We are fully Licensed and Insured including WCB coverage.
For our private clients: Our professionalism, cleanliness, dedication to the highest levels of quality, respect for you and your property, and our insatiable desire to create an aesthetic environment as unique as you are, will leave you content and satisfied that you have been serviced by one of the best in the business.
For our Home Builders, Renovators, and Interior Designers: Respect for you, your tradespeople, construction schedules, and your reputation compels us to exceed your expectations in our professionalism, cleanliness, and dedication to the highest levels of quality. When you hand the keys over to your clients they will know that they have been serviced by one of the best in the business.
The Owners:

As the owners of Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc., we have lived in Calgary, Kelowna, Zambia, Colombia, Paraguay, and now Calgary again.  We have seen, done, and painted just about everything and in a myriad of  environments, all being unique to themselves. 
Your family or your clients are no different.  They are all unique and deserve to live in an environment as unique as they are.
Let our experience work for you.  You will enjoy an Ambiance like no other.

Grant and Angela Macdonald
Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc.
Fully Licensed and Insured including WCB coverage and BBB.

Alwan Painting & Decorating

Company:  Alwan Painting & Decorating
Phone:  (403) 608-6064
Fax: (403) 648-2717
Address:  Private Address, CalgaryAB T2A 2X3


We offer a full range of painting services, including interior, exterior,  commercial and residential .We have enjoyed many years of great relationships with clients and designers . Call for a free estimate today.

We believe the greatest things to any company are the people that work there. We are proud to say that our painting team is detailed, fast, efficient and respectful of our clients and their property.  

We use only best quality products  with a two-years guarantee.  Our many references will tell you, we will provide the service and quality your house  or workplace deserves. 

Alta Mira Professional Painting Services Inc

Company:  Alta Mira Professional Painting Services Inc.
Phone:  (403) 615-7114
Website: Not Found
 Address:  7 MacEwan Glen Road NW, CalgaryAB T3K 2J3


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Allteriors Painting Ltd

Company:  Allteriors Painting Ltd.
Phone:  (403) 870-9144
Address:  Box 81056, 755 Lake Bonavista Dr. SE, CalgaryAB T2J0N3

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All in the Family Custom Renovations

Company:  All in the Family Custom Renovations
Phone:  (403) 861-3570
 Address:  3457 - 31A Avenue SE, CalgaryAB T2B 0J2


Build it right, build it ontime

It's clear from our name that All In The Family Custom Renovations is a family-based business and we've established a reputation for reliability and quality workmanship second to none.

All In The Family Custom Renovations has been remodelling and renovating residential and commercial properties in the Calgary, Alberta area for more than 12 years and our combined experience totals more than 100 years. We're a big Family!

Our family of contractors allows us to tackle any renovation or contruction project from kitchens to bathrooms and basement developments to additions. See our list of services for more information.

The depth of our experience and committment to quality insures that the job will be done expertly and on time all the time. Call us at 403-861-3570.

Alberta Quality Painting Limited

Company:  Alberta Quality Painting Limited
Phone: (403) 281-6999
Address:  Box 230,, 440 - 10816 Macleod Tr. S, CalgaryAB T2J 5N8
BBB Member


Alberta Quality Painting was founded on the belief to provide a service that was unparalleled in this industry.  It was an idea that a painting contracting service could be performed at an incredible level to achieve true customer satisfaction.  Our objective has been to always provide experienced and talented individuals to accomplish this task.  Paying attention to the important needs of our customers , will yield professional results always.


*Alberta Quality Painting is a medium sized contract painting company. Established in 1990, Alberta Quality Painting has grown to approximately fifteen, highly trained, full time staff. Concentrating in the residential and commercial markets in both interior and exterior, the company has established an excellent reputation by providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

*Quality Workmanship begins with our employees. Our Crew foremen are experienced, professional painters who pay great attention to detail. The focus of our company has always been to provide the highest quality standards at competitive prices and to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. AQP ensures the use of only top quality paint products. Our staff are courteous and helpful in handling all requests.


*Customer Service starts with understanding your expectations. We provide written estimates to eliminate confusion and to outline any requirements that we might have to keep our work steady and efficient. We make every effort to keep you informed prior to painting, or during production. We do not job jump, meaning We dedicate a crew to your project from start to finish and follow through on this objective.


*We are licensed contractors with the City of Calgary, and members of The Better Business Bureau of Southern Alberta. Alberta Quality Painting is insured and carries full workers compensation coverage. We provide a two year warranty on all work and references are available upon request.


Our residential customers appreciate that we listen to their specific needs and will customize our painting service in their home.  We strive to ensure that we accommodate their requests to minimize inconvenience.  We are aware that the painting of a home, be it interior or exterior, is a complicated task that involves a level of empathy.  For 22 years AQP has understood the importance of working together with our customers to bring a task to a professional conclusion.  We submit that we will provide confidence to perform our work on your home.  You can trust that we care about our results.
Now that the colder weather is upon us, people generally believe that’s it for painting season however this is far from the truth.
Interior painting has historically been associated with being a spring/summer project, to be able to open windows and “air out” the home. Over the last number of years, manufacturers have significantly reduced paint odor in all paints and have introduced many that are virtually odorless. Many of their products are also low in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) benefitting consumers with more environmentally friendly products.
Furthermore, colder weather means no exterior painting, which creates a more competitive market place for customers interested in interior painting

So why wait until spring. Don’t hesitate. Book your interior painting now.


Commercial customers of AQP realize that our company will deliver a high level of flexibility that is so important.  There are times when painting work is best performed off business hours.  Our flexible options, and ability to recognize our client concerns is welcomed and highly appreciated.  They trust our experience and count on our honesty and integrity.

Accommodation Painting Ltd - Calgary Painters

Company:  Accommodation Painting Ltd.

Painting Services

Phone:  (403) 689-1381

Address:  Private Address, CalgaryAB T3K 4T2


We value our customers and the satisfaction of delivering a professional paint job.  Having a customer ecstatic with the finished product is our driving force. 
We are an elite painting company that offers professionalism and quality to all our clients. Accommodation Painting Ltd. employs only the most qualified people to ensure we meet and surpass your expectations.  Our painters are carefully chosen so you are sure to have only the most skilled and trustworthy painters in your home.
Our team's objective is to always raise the bar when it comes to customer satisfaction and quality of experience.  Our goals are to finish the job on schedule, to provide meticulous attention to quality and to leave your home in pristine condition.  
Our outstanding job warranties give you peace of mind.  Our integrity sets us apart from other companies and gives you the confidence you need when chosing your painting company.
WHIMIS Trained
Covered by the Workers Compensation Board  
Only profession tradesmen hired 
Accommodation Painting offers Calgary and the surrounding areas with a wide variety painting options, including custom interiors, repaints, exteriors, new construction, small to mid-range commercial projects and in-shop work that preformed only by highly skilled, professional painters.  Project time lines range from one day to multiple month contracts.  Our company reputation is built on our highly skilled and knowledgeable tradesmen, our devotion to customers, our business integrity and our mandate to exceed the expectation of our clients.
We believe its not enough to just do an amazing paint job on your home.  We take responsibility for the products we bring into your home.  Panting has been associated with dangerous and harsh chemicals that are bad for both the environment and the homeowner.  Many of the older paints contain harmful chemicals that are associated with diverse health concerns. Accommodation Painting takes the safety of our homeowners and crew very seriously and has done extensive research on new-aged products that are eco friendly and have low VOC.
VOC are volatile organic chemicals which have a wide range of negative effects, including cancer, respiratory problems, nausea, kidneys and liver damage.  Once the paint is applied and starts to dry, the VOC levels in your house will increase by 1000%. While this number will gradually drop as the paint dries, the paint will continue to let of these harmful chemicals for over a year after application.
It is very surprising that, next to car emissions, paint is a close second for harming our environment. With the new paint technology of today, there is no need to harm ourselves and our planet.  Accommodation Painting is committed to using low VOC paints to make your homes, and the world we live in, a more environmentally friendly habitat.